Who are you passing your torch too?

Last week in Minneapolis, Major League Baseball (MLB) held the 85th edition of their All Star game. This year, one of the main themes was the passing of the torch from one of the old “faces of MLB” to the next generation.  After 20 years in MLB, 13 All Star Games and 5 Championships, Yankees’ Derek Jeter played in his final All Star game.  Derek not only had a great career, but he represented MLB well.  We would never hear of Derek getting into a fight at a club, having a mug shot taken after a DUI arrest or sending embarrassing tweets that later needed to be deleted.  Whenever MLB needed to showcase a member of their league to sell the game to the public, they would often turn to Derek.  However, with his pending retirement, the torch needed to be passed on to the next generation.  Great candidates, such as Angels’ Mike Trout and Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw have been identified by the MLB, along with other young stars, to push baseball forward to more success in the next 10-15 years.

Similar to MLB, we all have “torches” that can be passed forward. Who are you passing your “torch” to in your organization? By taking some time to think about other members that will continue to foster growth and act as good ambassadors in the market, you can directly impact the future of your organization. This action is not necessarily limited to situations in which someone is leaving or retiring from an organization.  It is about making decisions that encourage inclusion, teamwork, and moving towards having similar goals and agendas.  It is about not missing a beat when members are out.

As recruiters, we focus on the frontend of the talent acquisition lifecycle by developing strong relationships with talent in the market and connecting talent to interesting career opportunities.  The process of identifying and hiring the right talent is a key function for a healthy, growing and vibrant organization.  But equally important (and sometimes more so) is figuring out how to retain and motivate existing employees through an inclusive corporate culture is vital.  Hiring costs a lot more money and time than putting in the effort keep teams intact.

MLB baseball has been around for over 100 years by promoting their best players and passing the torch from generation to generation.  Identify and retain the Derek Jeter and Mike Trout’s of your organization and chances of continued growth and success will be much greater.