Millennials, millennials, millennials!

This past month, RETS Associates had the pleasure of partnering with to conduct a survey on millennials in commercial real estate. The data from RETS’ findings was then used to create an article which was published just last week (see links below).

It seems as though there has been a heavy focus on millennials lately as previous generations are starting to come to terms with the fact that millennials are (or soon will be) running the workplace. With all the articles out there on millennials, there have been very few focusing specifically on commercial real estate so RETS was thrilled to be a part of this survey.

We sent the survey out to 400 young candidates (primarily West Coast based) and found that 96% of the respondents were currently employed, which shows how greatly the economy is improving. Another interesting finding was that although the majority of the millennials were satisfied in their current position, 71% of them still said that they have been actively pursuing another job.  This goes to show the shift in the workplace and how unlike past generations, millennials aren’t looking to graduate college and find a job at one company that they’ll stay at for the rest of their career. Millennials are more fluid, looking to expand on their career by moving from one company to another, focusing on where they want to go next.

As a Recruiter here at RETS and a part of the millennial generation, it was very interesting for me to read this article because our results have directly reflected what I discuss with millennial candidates on a day-to-day basis. We always encourage candidates of any age to keep their eyes on the horizon to see where they could go next. And while it’s important to not jump around too much and move from one company to another every year, having your end goals in sight and actively striving to move towards them is one of the best things you can do for your career.

Millennials are very open to new opportunities, which is terrific if you have specific career goals that you want to obtain. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there if you feel there could be something better for you. Whether it is applying for a new job or talking with your boss about the possibility of a promotion, the only way you’ll make a change is by taking that next step.