Need a job or want THAT job?

Are you out in the market searching for a new job or quietly searching while you are currently employed?  As a recruiter, we connect candidates with potential employers and try and find the best match for both sides.  We do our best to prep candidates on what to wear, what to bring, what to research, etc.  However, the one thing that we can’t prep is your internal excitement about the company!

I listen to my client’s feedback about the interviews afterward and I learn a lot from this feedback!  The one comment that has come back to me over and over again is the client will say, “sure, I liked them and they had the qualifications but they didn’t care it was this job with this company, they just wanted a new job…”.  I just heard this type of feedback again this week.  The candidate was perfectly qualified for the job according to the client, but this candidate said repeatedly that they were most excited by the opportunity due to its location, not due to the specific dynamics of that particular company or position!

Research the company prior to an interview and completely understand what makes that company unique and clearly exhibit why you are truly interested in that specific company and role.  If you don’t truly feel it, then move on until you find a company you have the passion for.  Otherwise, you will waste your time and their time.

The other area that people fall short is being specific about what they are seeking in a new position.  We hear over and over again “I’m looking for growth opportunities”.  What does that mean specifically to you?  In what areas do you want to grow?  Be specific so it’s something tangible the employer can hear and understand and know if they can provide that training for your growth.  If they can’t provide it, it’s better to know before you start than after.

There are plenty of jobs to be had in the market.  Do your research and know what you want in a job and in a company.  Be sure the company knows you want to join their firm because … (fill in the blank)  and not join their firm because you need or want a job.  Lastly, be specific as to your wants, needs, and expectations in your next move.  You want it to be the right move for you and the right candidate selection for them.