The Dog Days of Summer

It seems as though in the heat of summer, everything slows down. You might find your mind drifting to thoughts of tropical vacations, days by the pool, or relaxing neighborhood barbeques. It’s easy to put your life (and job search) on hold during the months of summer, waiting until the fall to get everything back on track. While it’s important to give yourself some breathing room to relax, don’t let yourself fall behind, both in your work and on your job search!

While you may be putting life on hold during the summer, most companies out there are still actively hiring for new and open positions. If you wait until the fall to start looking, some excellent opportunities that were available may be gone. Don’t let the summer slow down your job search! It’s a complete myth that companies stop hiring during the summer months—this can be proved by the 50+ opportunities that we’re working on that are currently listed on our website ( While vacations may end up prolonging the interview process, all it means is that you have to have a little more patience moving forward with a company.

If you’re not currently working, the summer months can also be a great chance for you to land a new role by means of a temporary position. With many people going out of town, companies use contract employees to cover while they’re out– opening the door for you to make your presence known in the company. If you do well and show your worth, many roles could turn permanent, or the company might think of you first for future opportunities.

Regardless if you’re working or not, summer doesn’t mean there is a slowdown in hiring. Don’t lose momentum on your search and constantly network to see what’s out there. You never know what opportunities you could be missing out on if you decide to lay low!