KISS! How do I hire? How do I find a new career opportunity?

The RETS team works with a wide variety of employers and candidates.  The team handles a diverse array of functional roles and positions from junior to executive levels.  We have to keep track of all sorts of information about a candidate’s career goals while at the same time keeping in mind the exact profile for what an employer is seeking in a candidate.  After 13 years, our advice is to KISS (keep it simple, but leave out the stupid)!  Whether you are a candidate seeking a new career position or an employer looking to hire a candidate, our team needs to understand 4 specific criteria so we can find the right opportunity for you or present the best candidates:

1)      Position

For candidates, what specific role are you seeking?  Will it be a step up, lateral or step down?  For clients, what is the title of the role you are seeking to fill?  Does the title reflect what the market calls the position?

2)      Geography

Where is the position located?  What geographic areas are realistic commutes?  For candidates, please don’t apply to every position we have for a certain title across the country.  If you are considering a move, what are your top 2-3 markets to move to and do you have a compelling reason to make a move to those specific cities?

3)      Timing

For clients, when are you looking to fill the position (beyond the standard ASAP)?  For candidates, when are you looking to change positions?  As a candidate, please note that in most instances your new employer is not going to make you “whole” as it relates to incentive compensation if you are making a change mid-year or later. An employer may “lessen the pain”, but will likely not make you whole.

4)      Compensation

For candidates, be realistic!  If you’re seeking an increase in your base salary beyond 15%, there really need to be compelling reasons.  For clients, it is a candidate market right now which means you’ll need to pay more to fill most positions on an “apples to apples” basis than you did two years ago.  For both parties, remember that two compensation packages are never the same and there are always many variables to consider.

While striving to keep things simple, we’ve left out the fifth element – all of the intangibles in recruiting – and this can be the most important!  We’ll save this for a future blog and keep our focus on the four outlined above that are a bit more black and white.