Be careful what you wish for….

We’ve all heard the phrase “Be careful what you wish for…” but in this market, it is incredibly true.  I want to tell candidates that are pursuing new opportunities- Be careful what you wish for, it might actually come true!

The truth is, deciding to pursue a new job is an exciting adventure, sometimes one that comes fast and you are not always fully prepared for.  We can recognize that the job market is hot right now, especially in real estate, and strong candidates are in demand.  So oftentimes, these candidates (YOU) are not actively looking for new jobs.  However, when a new opportunity comes along, I want to offer some advice.

  1. If you decide to pursue a new opportunity, be clear about your intent.
  2. Know your expectations- be clear about what you are looking for BEFORE you start down the path.
  3. Be clear in your communication.
  4. Be decisive and follow through with your word.

Why am I saying all of this? Because this market has turned somewhat FICKLE.  And the truth is, pursuing a job is serious business. It opens you to new opportunities and the idea about the “other side.” (As I have said before, the grass ISN’T always greener, but sometimes it is!)

However, if you pursued a job in the first place, the reality is, you were probably looking for a change.

So, if you pursue an opportunity, and a job is offered to you, revisit the list above.

  1. Did you convey your intent for a new opportunity and did the job line up with that intent?
  2. Did the job align with your expectations?
  3. Were you clear every step of the way in regards to timing, the role, growth potential, compensation and is the offer in line?
  4. If all of the above are in line, will you follow through?

And now, here comes the big one again- Be careful what you wish for, it might actually come true!

So, why be fickle? Beware of the counter offer, this can be ill perceived so tread lightly. Especially if all of the above are in line, why are you changing your word? It is important that you go after what you are seeking, but if intent was clear from the beginning, and the future employer delivered on that, then the funny business would cease to exist.  By the way, the market won’t always be flush with opportunities and employers ALWAYS remember your conduct.

Carry the right attitude, don’t act entitled, and use mutual respect for all parties involved.  Life happens and sometimes you do need to change your mind, and that is okay.  It is how you communicate your decision and how you handle yourself in the process.  Because, in the end, even if you “got what you wished for” and even if you reject the offer, being clear and straightforward and communicative will earn you a future call back.

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